Seiko Electronic Dictionary FAQ
You can use this site to create your own custom dictionaries and study them using an electronic dictionary. The way I typically use them is as follows:

Building my own dictionaries for grammar and vocabulary by JLPT level eg N2

  • Set your search criteria including content type and JLPT Level
  • Set the search result format type to Seiko
  • Open the tab delimited file in MS Excel, then resave it as a delimited file. The process cleans it up a little
  • Open the file using the Seiko Dictionary Creator[ユーザー辞書クリエーター] (Udictcre.exe)
  • Save the created file to your electronic dictionary and viola.
The benefit this is you can combine this feature with the study options on the site to record which words and grammar you know well and which you don't, so when you are studying instead of pulling in 500 words to the electronic dictionary maybe you pull in 100. This is a good feature if you don't want to do all of your studying online.

Supported Models: SR-S9000/SR- S9001/SR-S9002/SR-G8100/SR-G9001/SR-G10001/SR-G6100NH/SR-G6001M/SR- G7001M/SR-A10002

Download the Seiko User Dictionary Creator
Note: You can also use the drill creation software to create multiple choice quizzes to review grammar and vocabulary from your lists.


Purchasing items and having them shipped from Japan

Note these items purchased from Amazon Japan can't be shipped directly to other countries: Amazaon Japan doesn't offer this service.

Amazon Japan will allow you to purchase with a non-Japanese credit card but you will need to use a re-shipping service from Japan.
If you buy the item and need it shipped overseas. or will receive shipment in Japan then reship it to you overseas for a small fee.